Comedian Eddie Griffin drags Black women in new stand up; Disrespects Will Smith & Jada

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Comedian Eddie Griffin has dragged Black women in his recent stand-up comedy while disrespecting actor Will Smith and his wife Jada.

Sure Will Smith will not be happy about what Eddie Graffin said about his wife and family during his recent stand-up comedy.

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Comedian Eddie Graffin is currently on a tour across the United States doing a new comedy routine – that could probably get him into trouble.

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According to multiple patrons who were in attendance at Eddie’s comedy performance this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska the comedian made a series of jokes about Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and their children Willow and Jaden.

Eddie Griffin dog walked @jadapsmith and her husband Will Smith on his new stand-up. If Will thought what Chris Rock said was bad then he’s going to go nuts once he hears Eddie’s words“, a fan tweeted.

According to the audience member, Eddie called Black women “weka.” According to Eddie., Black women destroyed the Black family by accepting “section 8” and other welfare benefits from “the White man.”

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