Saturday, December 5, 2020

This Up & Coming Rapper Just Disgraced Himself On Zylofon Fm & The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Him

Something very funny happened yesterday in the studios of Zylofon FM and we just can’t stop laughing over and over again after watching the whole show.

So What Happened Chris?

One up and coming artiste by name Phrimpong was in the studios of Zylofon FM to promote his new song but then another up and coming artiste by name Lokal also came to the studios to also introduce his song and since there were two of them and all of them claimed to be rappers, the host of the show, Sammy Flex, decided to give them the opportunity to Freestyle live on radio, so they could win some fans over and that was when arrogance entered into the body of this musician known as Phrimpong.

When he was given the nod to freestyle, he told the host that, ladies first, so the other guy, which is Lokal should start.

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Now that was some big yawa right? Everyone couldn’t stop laughing in the studios but the other artiste remained unperturbed and went in first with his Freestyle and he ‘killed’ it and that in a way intimidated the arrogant Phrimpong.

Now, it was time for him to also come in with his verse and he just simply couldn’t match up to the other guy. He embarrassed himself and everyone couldn’t stop laughing at him.

That was not all, he started spewing gibberish when he failed to prove himself.

He’s heard saying;

I don’t do rap battles, I have already made my mark and don’t need anyone’s opinion about my music for me to know I am dope.

Ha! Watch the funny short version of the video below now:

Phrimpong Like Really?


Anyways, let’s give it all to Lokal, he’s too good !!!


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