“Coronavirus Is A Sign Of Christ’s Second Coming, Be Prepared”- Singer Waconzy Says As He Reveals He Saw The Rapture In A Dream

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Nigerian singer, Waconzy has said that he saw the rapture in a dream and he is therefore urging people to get prepared because it is so close, per what he saw in the dream.

According to Waconzy, coronavirus is a clear sign that is used to usher in the rise of Luciferians and everyone would have to give their lives to Christ as a matter of urgency.

Waconzy likened his advice to that of Noah’s in the famous Ark building story in the Bible.

He said that in those times when Noah asked people to prepare for the floods, it all seemed like he was joking and Noah didn’t force anyone, but when the floods eventually came, everyone then clamoured around to be saved which was late.

He is urging people to give their lives to Christ and be well prepared for the appearance of the Saviour in the skies as what he saw in his dream was so clear that rapture is happening sooner than later.

Last night I had a dream about RAPTURE and it was so REAL.

I encourage everyone to prepare for the coming of Christ. Coronavirus is being used to usher in the rise of the Luciferians.

Note that NOAH didn’t convince anybody before building the Ark. Waconzy he wrote.


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