Countryman Songo once tried to rape me when he invited me over to his house – Joyce Dzidzor

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It’s scary when dealing with contemporary Ghanaian ladies as they can come out when least expected to reveal one’s dirty secrets for reasons best known to them as in the case of Joyce Dzidzor and Countryman Songo.

According to the former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah in a Facebook live interaction, she once visited the host of Adom TV’s Fire For Fire, Countryman Songo aka Fire Man in his room and what she saw there, you don’t need to be told.

According to her, when she went to Songo’s room, she was very scared after seeing the whole room was full of smoke, not just any smoke but smoke from the ‘holy weed’.

“I was either 20 or 21 years when Countryman Songo took me to his house. The moment we reached the compound his friends started giving him praises for coming home with a fresh girl. Then I realised he was an a-listed humanizer.”

“We then went to his room, I sat down and he offered me some water to drink, he started smoking the nameless weed, ‘Songo’s room was on fire’, the whole room was full of smoke. The more he kept on smoking, the scarier I become.”

She continued that after Songo became so dazed with the smoke, he wanted to hammer her but she refused. “After smoking his ‘grass’, he started touching all my sensitive parts then I realised the guy wanted to chop me. I told him to stop what he is doing. And because I refused to allow him to hammer me, he told me to go without giving me even pesewa.” she disclosed.

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