Crime Alert: Young Man Who Has HIV Vows To Spread It Amongst Ghanaian Girls On Campus In Legon

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An HIV student at the University of Ghana, Legon has vowed to spread the deadly virus amongst girls on campus and his reason is simple- he suspects a colleague student he slept with transferred the disease to him. 

The unnamed man said the lady who put him in this precarious situation is from Pent Hall and as a form of revenge, he’s about on a mission to spread it to all girls he will have intercourse with them.

It all started when the guy in question was having a conversation with another guy about a girl he just slept with as he begins his mission of spreading the HIV-AIDS.

The guy: “I eat some Twitter girl rydee for Evandy (name of a hostel) she tell ein boy for hostel say she dey go SU all night”.

His friend replied: “Go and get tested brother. Same excuse one girl gave to her BF to just come to see me. I’m positive now.”

The guy: “Me I get AIDS already I give am. Adey spread am for campus cos some pent girl take gimme.

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