Crystal Theobald Death: Who is actually behind the death of Crystal Theobald

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Crystal Theobald was a young American businessman from Riverside, California, who was 24 years old. 1982 marked the year of her birth. Her precise birthdate is unknown.

Crystal Theobald was 24 years old when she was murdered in February 2006, according to sources. According to the sources, Crystal Theobald’s death was a tragic result of gang violence.

She wasn’t a part of any gang or criminal activity. She was a believer. After completing middle school in her hometown, Crystal began to concentrate on her job.

Crystal Theobald Family

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The established Christian family included Crystal Theobald. Concerning her father, nothing is known. Her mother’s name is “Belinda Lane,” on the other hand.

She has three siblings, including two brothers named Robert “Robbie” Theobald and Justin. Jaimie, the cousin sister of Crystal.

Crystal Theobald’s Husband

Crystal Theobald Death: Who is actually behind the death of Crystal Theobald
Crystal Theobald Death: Who is actually behind the death of Crystal Theobald
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Theobald, Crystal, was not married. She did, however, lived in California, USA, with her boyfriend “Juan Patlan.” She also has two daughters, but the names of her daughters are not available.

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Crystal Theobald Death

Mother of two, Crystal was 24 years old and lived in Riverside, California. While in a vehicle at an intersection, she was fatally shot in the head. Justin, her brother, and her boyfriend, who was also injured in the incident, were also in the vehicle. The unjustified attack was also seen by Crystal’s mother, Belinda Lane, who was in the car in front of Crystal.

Members of the neighbourhood gang 5150 shot and killed Crystal in what the police consider to be a case of mistaken identity. Initial reports on Crystal’s murder indicated that a white Ford Expedition was at the location and explained how a lone gunman exited the vehicle to shoot at Crystal’s vehicle.

That evening, Robert “Robbie” Theobald, Crystal’s other brother, drove away from their home in a similar-colored SUV. The white Expedition, the other SUV, was circling the block and appeared to be following him, according to Robbie. The white Expedition chased Robbie after he stepped on the gas, passed the car, and fled. Robbie managed to escape after a brief automobile chase and made his way to his daughter’s mother’s residence. He believed it to be over at the moment.

Back in the area, however, the occupants of the white Expedition believed Robbie’s vehicle belonged to a rival gang and were enraged as a result of a hit that had occurred earlier in the day.

The gang members in the white Expedition believed that Belinda’s car and subsequently Crystal’s automobile were members of the other group showing up with weapons. An individual got out of the Expedition, made his way to Crystal’s automobile, and unloaded.

After the incident, Justin drove them to a nearby store where, according to surveillance footage, he stepped out and begged for help while cradling his dead sister in his arms. Crystal didn’t make it.

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Who killed Crystal Theobald

Crystal Theobald Death: Who is actually behind the death of Crystal Theobald
Crystal Theobald Death: Who is actually behind the death of Crystal Theobald

Belinda Lane created two fictitious MySpace accounts—one using the late Crystal’s picture but not her name—with the assistance of Crystal’s younger cousin Jaimie in order to communicate with and gather information from members of the 5150.

One of the phony profiles was associated with William “Jokes” Sotelo, a gang member who drove the white Ford Expedition and admitted ownership of it in a MySpace conversation with Sotelo. Jokes was able to identify Julio Heredia, also known as Lil Huero, as the shooter during a voluntary interview that the police were able to conduct after receiving this information. Jokes was released since there wasn’t enough to keep him. Jokes escaped soon after and vanished for over ten years.

William “Rascal” Lemus and his brother Manuel “Tripper” Lemus were later identified by the police as two additional 5150 gang members who were in the automobile. Both of the Lemus brothers cooperated with the police, therefore neither was held accountable for Crystal’s slaying.

Jokes was finally found and charged for his involvement in Crystal’s murder after spending ten years in hiding.

On January 23, 2020, Jokes entered a plea of guilty to voluntary manslaughter as well as crimes related to gangs and firearms. He received a 22-year prison term.

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