“Current Ghanaian Songs Are One-Way Reason Why Our Artistes Cant’ Go International”– Abrewa Nana

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Ace-musician Abrewa Nana has highlighted the reasons why Ghanaian music is unable to move far and transcend boundaries.

Abrewa Nana made the observation during an appearance on the Kastle Entertainment Show with Amansan Krakye that most artists only evaluate what they can do with the songs after a month or two of receiving them.

According to her, “Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why our music in Ghana doesn’t go very far,” she theorized, “because we’re not inventive in our music-making,” she said.

According to her, “they think about what they can create out of the music in a month, two months, three months.” Perhaps that is the impression people have of the music business, but that is not how things operate in our sector.

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Abrewa Nana said that we often blame Nigerians when our music do not get traction overseas because our ideas have become “one-way.”

So if everything happens in this manner, all of our ideas become one-sided, and maybe that is why we are unable to make significant progress with our music, she speculated.

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