Dad farting non-stop since 2017 sues stall that sold ham roll to him for £200,00

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A man has sued the stall that sold him a ham roll five years ago which has caused him unending bouts of flatulence.

The report as culled from online sources said Tyrone Prades bought the food item at a Christmas market in Birmingham that he visited with his wife and children.

According to his lawyer, Prades was hit by stomach cramps, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea within hours of eating the ham roll in December 2017 and was bid ridden for five weeks, Metro adds.

Worst of all, his system has been hit with uncontrollable flatulence that has been embarrassing him in public places.

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His lawyer, Robert Parkin, told the court that even after the sickness subsided months later, his stomach was still making awkward churning noises in his gut.

“The claimant continues to suffer from excessive flatulence, which causes him a great deal of embarrassment. The claimant’s stomach continues to make frequent churning noises to the extent his sleep can become disrupted,” Parkin said.

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According to Daily Mail, the case hinges on whether the flooring company boss was suffering from salmonella.

Other customers fell ill as well. Parkin claimed that the stall was closed and deep-cleaned following a Public Health England investigation. Mr Prades is suing the operator, for at least £200,000. It denies blame.


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