DateRush: I Don’t Want To Be The Reason For Another Woman’s Tears – Lilly Brown Becomes Emotional After Finding Out 2Sure Lied About His Marital Status

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Yesterday April 10, was a reunion of the participants on the popular DateRush show to see how far they have come as a couple.

As expected, it was full of drama and unexpected revelations. 2Sure who had denied on several occasions that he was married was exposed yesterday after his wife was brought on the show.

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According to 2Sure’s wife, they have been married for 2 years and have an 8months old child together.

Aside from that he also admitted taking another lady on a date and asking her to come to his house for a moment of intimacy after he bought food for her to eat.

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All these revelations shocked his date Lilly to the core to the extent that she started weeping.

She added that she didn’t want to be the reason for another woman’s unhappiness and that’s why she avoids married men.

2Sure was later asked to apologise to Lilly for disrespecting and lying to her.

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