Daughter of Late Kiki Gyan Of Osibisa Receives Punches For Commenting

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A niece to late Osibisa’s Mac Tontoh by name Kani has reacted to comments passed by daughter of Osibisa’s, late Kiki Gyan, that – the Osibisa music group betrayed her father.

The only daughter of late Kiki Gyan, Vanessa Sullivan-Gyan, was reported to have stated some weeks ago that, her father who was the keyboardist for the Osibisa group, indulged in excessive abuse of substance and eventually died in scummy indigence due to betrayal of care and direction from the other Osibisa members.


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When Vanessa was asked: would you blame some of the Osibisa members who should have advised your father against substance abuse but perhaps failed, Vanessa, who is quite bewildered at what might have baited his father into drug abuse, said: “that is also another mystery.

“Kiki was worth millions of dollars at age 17 or 18. At that age he was young and still maturing so he was under illusion! I’m not holding brief for him anyway.

“The other Osibisa members were older so they should have at least helped him stop taking the drugs. They could have used some of his money to get experts to help him out because Kiki spent almost all his life with them – touring but they failed!”

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“They betrayed him! If I’m your friend and I’m into some form of immorality and you watch me go on with it till I crush, that is a form of betrayal! Kiki wrote many songs when he was part of Osibisa but they never gave him credit for that. That was another betrayal!”

Embittered Kani, who is a niece to late Mac Tontoh who feels Vanessa got it all wrong, has reacted to the comments passed by the latter. “Don’t you think betrayed is a harsh word to use? I can understand you are not fully privy to the details of your dad’s time with Osibisa.

“I think you should have a lengthy talk with one of them before you settle on betrayed. I know my uncle Mac Tontoh did a lot to help stop his addiction. My father tried too. Osibisa betrayed my father is an unfortunate title in my opinion. Stay blessed” Kani reacted to Vanessa on Instagram.

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Below is a snap shot of Kani’s rebuttal:


When GHbase.com contacted Vanessa to find out if she will retract her comments – following the rebuttal from Kani, she said it’s her opinion and that she is convinced by it before passing it. “I still stand by it. I am not taking back my words. He can say whatever” Vanessa told GHbase.com.

The beautiful Vanessa is now the new face of E-TV’s ‘Late Night Celebrity Show’ hosted by Giovani Caleb of Y Fm. She also reads entertainment tib bits on Fridays on ETV on 8pm. GHbase.com hope and wish she leaves a good mark to correct her father’s believed infamy. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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