Degree holder rejected 5000 times now hawks eggs in the streets, video drops

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In a shocking twist of events, a man’s remarkable academic laurels were not able to secure him a job and now he’s ended up on the street selling boiled eggs.

That is the story of a Kenyan man identified simply as Dennis. After finishing his first degree in 2013, Dennis found a job but decided to proceed and obtain a masters which he successfully did in 2018.

He successfully got his second degree along with other certificates but strangely he could not get a job. He shared his sad story to the YouTube content channel Afrimax English and intimated how he applied for as many as 5000 jobs but was not recruited.

Dennis decided to embrace the school of hard knocks by selling eggs and pepper sauce in the street- perhaps an application of one of the courses he studied- Economics and Business.

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Watch the video for the full interview;

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