Diana Asamoah exposed for wearing hip pads to lift her small 1.43kg bortos

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Diana Asamoah, a gospel singer from Ghana, has come under fire when it was revealed that she used hip pads while hosting the episode of United Showbiz that aired over the weekend.

Remember that before Diana Asamoah’s newly discovered secret life, she was all over the internet criticizing the use of cosmetics, eyelashes, and other beauty enhancement items.

This was before she found her new life as a con artist. She also once gave a speech in which she fiercely opposed ladies wearing jeans and pants and condemned them to the fires of hell.

Diana Asamoah did a poor job of positioning her hands so that they would not obscure the viewer’s view of her prominent hip pad in the recently shared picture that is now going viral.

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It is abundantly clear that Diana Asamoah has developed a deep affection for the enticing advantages that come with having a global perspective, and it is quite unlikely that she would ever turn her back on those advantages.

Photo below:

Diana Asamoah exposed for wearing hip pads


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