Dickie Davies Children : Peter Davies And Daniel Davies

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Dickie Davies was a renowned British television sports presenter who anchored World of Sport between 1968 and 1985. He passed away on The 19th day of February 2023.

In this Article, we will be talking about Dickie Davies Children, Peter Davies and Daniel Davies as well as other important aspects pf him that you should know about.

Who is Dickie Biography 

Dickie Davis was born on 30 April 1928 Wallasey, a suburb of Cheshire, England where he grew up and had his basic Level of education. His birth name Richard John Davies.

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He  Went to the Oldershaw Grammar School in Wallasey, after his completion, he did his National Service in the Royal Air Force, and worked as a purser on the RMS Queen Mary. 

Dickie Davies Children 

Dickie Davies had two children and their names are Peter Davies and Daniel Davies who were both born to his long-standing marriage to his wife Liz. 

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Dickie Davies was married to  Liz, a woman he met on a TV set during the early years of his career. They enjoyed a successful marriage with the birth of two kids and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a diamond wedding anniversary in 2022.



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