Did Blakk Rasta Really Chicken Out? Watch Video Of Him Unreservedly Apologising To Parliament For Saying 80% Of Them Smoke Wee

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Blakk Rasta appeared before Parliament over comments he passed on his radio show that 80% of Parliamentarians smoke marijuana and thus it should be legalised in Ghana.

Blakk Rasta who who is a radio show host on Hitz Fm and a musician unreservedly apologised before the Privileges committee in Parliament..

 “The utterances were unfortunate. They came on the spare of the moment. I was on heat,” Rasta told the privileges committee.

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Blakk Rasta’s utterance ridicules the parliament of Ghana which is why he was invited to come explain what he said on his radio show.

Blakk Rasta told the MPs his comments were in bad taste and must be forgiven.

When asked if he stood by his crusade for the use of wee to be legalised, Blakk said yes, and that legalising the use of wee was the way to go.

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“I feel passionate about it,” he said adding, the legalisation of wee could help boost the country’s wobbling economy.

Watch The video of the live telecast on Tv which happened yesterday, 25th June, 2015

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