Saturday, March 28, 2020

Did EL Disregard Sarkodie’s Call For Road Safety? He Posts A Video Driving & Producing On His Laptop & Even His Fans Are Angry With Him (Video+Screenshots)

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At a time when we’ve lost several lives due to road accidents and even Sarkodie has started a road a road safety campaign with his new song ‘Wake Up Call’ to advocate for the need for all stakeholders involved to ensure that our roads are safe, it appears rapper EL has decided to pay a deaf ear to this call. The BAR posted a video of him driving and producing at the same time on his laptop and he’s soo shameless about it.

From all indications, it’s obvious he did all of that for publicity and even when several people had asked him to delete the post, he had not done so at the time of this post. Sarkodie in his song ‘Wake Up Call’ did not only blame the actions of government but also road users and advised that people adhere to road safety rules for their own safety but Opana EL has pretended he’s not heard about it kraaa.

We all know how dangerous it is to be even texting while driving and there are statistics to prove that, most people have lost their lives in road accidents because of that behavior and it is even an offense to text and drive, but EL felt he was above the law and went ahead to produce on his laptop while driving, an action that several fans of his have reacted negatively to.

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We are tired of losing our celebrities in road accidents and it’s not just about celebrities, it’s very disheartening to learn that someone has lost their lives in a road accident and EL’s behaviour must be criticised by all well-meaning persons because he’s created that impression that it is not the first time he’s doing that—Like what IF one day he loses focus for a second and KABOOM, I’m not saying he should get an accident but such a stupid behavior like that can get him into one.

You are old EL, use your brain and set a good example for other road users. No one is saying something bad should happen, but don’t give SOME prophets the chance to come and spew ‘nonsense’ again and that they prophecised, and blah blah blah. (Kraayie, use wu common sense…In Lil win’s voice….. I’m eating waakye come and beat me)

Update: He’s since deleted the video on his Social media accounts.

Watch  the video below:


Read some of the comments on the posts from fans before it was deleted

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