Did Praye Tetia Wear A Shirt Worth Ghc70 To A Fashion Award Show?

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Yes indeed, celebrities have always been role models of fashion and most dresses worn by people are been inspired by the celebrities who wore them.

 At last night’s Fashion Icon Awards (14th June, it was a night of glitz and glamour for people to come exhibit their fashion style from their wardrobes.
 Ghbase.com was at the event and we witnessed lots of style from the men to the women. Everyone wanted to look splendid. The heavy rains which kept pouring on the day of the event, didn’t allow for most of the celebrities expected to be present.
But then, our cameras caught the few who were able to make it. Our Fashion Police for the night, caught the boyfriend of Selly, formerly known as Praye Tetia, who is now known as Big J Cartel.
He was spotted in a white long sleeve shirt and a metal fixed white jeans worn over some cool black boots..
His shirt indeed drew our attention. Let’s mention that, we are aware he is not a Fashionista, so we were not expecting any trendy look from him.
See Photo Below:
Big J Cartel
 Ghbase.com’s Fashionista noticed that the shirt he wore was rather too COMMON on the market and a CHEAP one at that-there is nothing bad about it.
We had expected that, coming to a Fashion Award Show, he would take time to find something exciting from his wardrobe or probably get his Stylist to recommend an outfit for him. (Maybe, he doesn’t have one yet!)
For a big  music personality like Big J Cartel who calls himself the only  Baron in the music Industry, don’t you think a shirt worth Ghc70 or even less, that is if he  bargained is just too CHEAP considering the fact that, he wore it to a Fashion Show?
Big J Cartel has been dating tv host, Selly Gally for the past six years and they intend to get married soon.
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