Dig your own grave- Abena Korkor returns with a new message and netizens are discussing it

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Abena Korkor has observed with sadness that she has been exploited perpetually based on her condition as a bipolar patient and she’s not having any of it now.

She bemoaned that she has been used as a mental health advocate at the expense of her mental health which requires attention in the first place before any other thing could follow.

Abena Korkor then said she won’t allow herself to be set on a manipulative path henceforth. Her post read;

“I have been a fool for many years. Being used as a mental health advocacy at the expense of my own mental health. Now I put me first! Want to be famous my foot !!!!!

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You are sad and miserable after all your efforts, you still need to lie to put food on your table. I am proudly not a liar. I have been coerced in doing things I don’t endorse because of my society but thank God for my ability to record everything. I have used Facebook since 2005 or so. Messages can be retrieved by cyber forensics.

Dig your own graves, I am taking care of me own. I have made my bed, let me lie in it! Everyone for himself!”

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