Do You Know We’ve All Been Side chicks/Guys In Some Relationships Without Knowing? – Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Quizzes

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If you think you are the first person to date or marry the lady or man you are with right now, then think again because at some point we are all dating peoples exes.
One common trend in Ghana and the world at large is people having “side chicks” or side guys outside their relationship. It has become more like a backup plan should the one you are with fails your test.

Most men in Ghana are usually having a side chick aside their official partners. You can disagree but we both know it is an undeniable fact.

Be it as it may, some women also have multiple partners for every need. Some have men who buy them clothes, those who take them on expensive vacations, those who rock their bodies with good sex and the list goes on and on.

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Well, one person who agrees with such norm is Nollywood actress, author and entrepreneur Chika Ike.

According to Chika Ike in an Instagram post, we’ve all been side pieces in a relationship without being the main meal.

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Chika wrote; Come to think of it, we’ve all been small chops unknowingly or knowingly at some points in our lives.

Small chops- side chicks, side boyfriends, not the main meal, side everything etc..”

Most of her followers agreed with her and even termed it as “normal”. Well, the next time you are planning on fighting someone for your partner, just take a pause and investigate. For all you know, you could be the side chick and not the main meal.

Checkout her post below and share your experience with us;

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