‘Dog Will Bite Your Dad, Just Watch’- Nigerian Singer Peruzzi Curses Fan

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Social media has made it possible for fans to get really closer to their favourite celebs. Invariably, this has created a sort of inconvenience to some celebrities as trolls hurl abuse at them directly.

This was the case between Nigerian singer and right hand man of Davido, Peruzzi and a fan who tried ridicule him on Twitter.

The fan sought to find out if the singer does not have his own house but perch with Davido and proudly flaunt it by taking photos with his crib and spreading it on social media.

It happened after Peruzzi shared new photo of himself in Davido’s house displaying his swagger.

The fan known as @beelexo asked why Peruzzi will always use Davido’s house to take pictures.

‘Do you have your own house or is @davidoofficial house the only place you know to take your pictures in?’ the fan asked.

Peruzzi angrily shot back: Dog will bite your father. Just watch.

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