“Don’t Be Pressured By The Many Lies You See On Social Media; Be Patient With Yourself”-Actress Omotola Advices

On daily bases, various social media platforms are often awash with people displaying their luxury; this normally puts undue pressure on other people who try every possible means to also reach those levels, but Nollywood actress Omotola believes that some of these things are lies that people shouldn’t believe.

According to her, people should just learn to log off social media which, in this age, is the source of undue pressure and build real-life connections.

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According to Omotola, some of the problems that we carry are even easier to handle than some of the problems the people we admire carry, and so we should focus on solving our problems rather than worrying over what goes on on social media.

People flaunt what they have on social media, but for some of them, all is not well inside and so when we admire them and worry our heads over what they have that we don’t have, we are just putting some undue pressure on ourselves when we could just relax and make do with what we have.

Omotola further urged people to be patient with themselves as all hope is not lost regardless of whatever one is going through.

She said this in a tweet to advice her fans about their social media engagements.

Omotola wrote;

“In this age and time of intense pressure especially From Social media. Find the time to Log off. Have REAL life connections. Don’t feel pressured by the many lies you see, your worries are easier than that of many you may admire. Hang in there and Be patient with yourself.”


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