“Don’t Buy Everything In The Shops Right Now And Call Your Pastor To Pray For You Against Witchcraft From January 2021”- Actress Anunobi

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Nollywood Actress Eucharia Anunobi is dishing out some cool advice to people clamouring around looking to buy everything on offer in the shops this Christmas season.

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Eucharia Anunobi

According to Anunobi, buying everything in the shops without thought for the next year is not bad but one should just be sure they won’t worry their pastor to be praying for them against witchcraft when things get rough for them in the next year.

Anunobi is insinuating that it is important to do some savings and not spend all your money during this Christmas and tend to be asking many irrelevant questions next year and blaming everything on the devil and people working against you.

She gave this advice via an Instagram post, Wednesday.

She said; “Everything in the shops, social media apps and markets are calling you now. You’re buying and buying, without a thought for next year.

Okay oooo . Continue buying, when January comes now, you start saying:

how can I give my first fruit, how do I give a tithe, how do I support church programs, how do I give to my pastor, ( it’s not like you have or were even sowing seeds to promote the gospel in the first place, you have been nothing but a SundaySunday Christian anyway) am broke, satan tempted me, the witches caused me to waste money on something I don’t really need. Then you start blaming God.

Then you start calling us pastors to pray for you against witchcraft attacks.

Hear this, it’s your lust and greed for material things that you refuse to control that will be your Waterloo. YOU’RE YOUR OWN TEMPTER. YOU ARE YOUR OWN SATAN.
James 1 : 12 – 15 , 2 Timothy 3 : 7 – 8 “

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