Don’t Look Up To Celebrities As Role Models  Else You’ll Get Lost – Actor Samuel Ofori

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A Ghanaian actor and a producer based in Kumasi, Samuel Ofori has advised followers of celebrities not to be deceived by their outward appearances since that is not the real lifestyles they live.


The actor who is mostly labelled as a ‘Womanizer’ in almost every movie he has played a role claims actors, musicians and other entertainment industry players self-acclaiming to be stars, celebrities or superstars are not.

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According to him, there are no stars or superstars on this earth except Jesus Christ, adding that He is the one to be trusted because He is not hypocrite.

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Samuel Ofori stated that a role-model should be a person who serves as an example of the values, attitudes, and behaviors associated with Christ and not otherwise as it is been portrayed by section of the Entertainment personalities. Ofori posted a video of himself on his Facebook Timeline advising followers of self-acclaimed superstars and celebrities.


“There is no star on this earth, if talk we about stars, celebrities, superstars. I’ve done a research and seen that there is no star but the only star to follow is Jesus Christ. If you follow us as your role model then you’re doomed because you can be misled by our fake lifestyles. Commenting and liking our pages will end you nowhere.

“Those you call stars or celebrities are unreal, so if you follow us, all you will learn from us is wee smoking, alcohol, occultism, womanizing, using suspicious means to attain fame.

“I’ll encourage you see Jesus Christ as your star and not us because we will disappoint.


The actor being candid alleged that Ghanaian actors, musicians and other entertainment players live a deceiving lifestyle to the public but privately their malicious conducts can lead their followers nowhere.



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