Don’t Loose Money On Your Bets Again-Insure Your Bets With 1xBet & Win Always

Sometimes, you have a very good bet slip and you are soo confident that, it’s gonna land for you, so you stake big on the odds, then sometimes just one team looses the game and all of your efforts are thrown away into the dust–You get heart broken, because you’ve lost soo much and each time, you look at the slip and it’s just 1 team, then you want to cry but then, is saying, cry no more my brothers—You can now put insurance on your bets.

Yes!, one of the biggest betting companies in Russia with branches worldwide and soon opening physical branches in Ghana has created an opportunity for you to insure on your bets.

I believe everyone understands the concept of insurance, so there’s no need to explain what insurance really is again here.

So if you are scared of loosing big money on your bet, you can now insure partly or 100% of your stake with 1xbet. If you loose, you get your money back and if you win, you take home your potential winnings as well.

So head over there right now, by CLICKING HERE to register.

So here’s an example of how it works

Let’s say you place a bet of $10 or Ghc50 at odds of 2.5 and you decide to insure it at 100% of the amount staked. The company would give you $5 insurance, which when you agree to pay and in the unlikely event the bet fails, you get back your $10 because you put insurance on it.

If the bet also wins, it means, you will make $25 as your odd was 2.5 and staked $10 on it.

You can also make several insurance choices like 10%, 30% or even 50%.

For those of you in Ghana, you can upload money and withdraw with MTN Mobile Money on the website. Just follow the instructions there.

For those who are reading this article from any other part of the world and want to still place bets and insure them, you can as well upload cash by using your Visa or Master card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Netteller, Skrill and a whole lot of other payment system around the world.

So, what are you waiting now, share this news with friends and ask them to stake big and worry not, because there is Insurance to cover them.

Don’t waste time, So head over there right now, by CLICKING HERE to register. If you have any difficulties, Whatsapp me on +233 27 3094 088 for assistance.


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Written By Chris Handler

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