“Don’t Move In With A Guy That Still Lives With His Parents”-Cardi B Advises Young Ladies

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Cardi B, the American rapper and songwriter, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, has offered a valuable piece of advice to young girls who are always in a haste to move in with their guys regardless of the conditions the guys are in.

According to Cardi B, it is not the best to move in with guys that still live in their parents’ house, and so young girls should not be thirsty and in a haste to move in.

Cardi B, who aid she’s made that mistake before and knows too well how it looks like admonished young girls not to repeat same.

According to her, you will have the parents like you for a couple of months but afterwards, they will begin to monitor your every movement in the house and look at you with weird eyes when the seeing you doing something as basic as opening their fridge.

“Young ladies, please don’t be thirsty to move out your mommas house to move in wit a nikka that live with his momma!

Been there done that.

The mommas be all nice at first then a couple of months later they start looking at you like this (Imojie here) when you open their fridge,” Cardi B tweeted.

A piece of good advice this is from Cardi B but that fact remains, that a very few guys would actually allow their girls to move in with them when they are still putting up with their parents.



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