Don’t propose to me if you can’t afford an engagement ring of ₵7,400 and above – Lady tells men

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A Nigerian lady has warned prospective suitors to get ready to splash N500,00 (₵7,400) and above on her engagement ring alone otherwise, there will be no ‘romantic deal’ at all.

According to the young woman identified as @miss_magnolia20, any man who can flex this financial muscle is fit to walk down the aisle with her.

She tweeted; “If you can’t afford a engagement ring worth 500k and above, don’t bother to propose to me please.”

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The tweet was met with mixed reactioms. Check out a few samples below;

_heisvictor wrote; Normally she no be wife material cos this one no get sense

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miss.sotubo; You never ready. Na by ring? even after the proposal sef, the engagement no guarantee!

nenejones_esq; It’s possible she’s tweeting with borrowed data. All these girls really make me laugh. Is it the cost of the ring that determines the success of the marriage?

This report is very similar to a previous one shared by that saw another Nigerian lady revealing that she’s not settling for less when it comes to her engagement ring.

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According to the young woman known as Anita Vams on Twitter, anything less than N300,000 (₵4,500) from her potential suitor will automatically disqualify him from entering the institution of marriage with her.

She stressed that her preferred engagement ring would cost no less than N300,000.

Anita wrote on Twitter: ”I honestly won’t appreciate or want a 50/100K engagement ring. Something from 300k and above Lord.” Read more here. 




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