Don’t Tell Me You Love Me, I Will Let Them Come For The Car I Gave You– Shatta Wale Tears Into Join 77 On Radio

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Shatta Wale has lost his cool and has threatened to take back the car he freely gave to Join 77, a former militant in the SM camp after the latter disclosed that, he wrote his own songs while at the camp, something Wale says is not true.

In a heated radio interview on Hitz FM, the two clashed after Joint 77 had told his side of the story on what happened at the camp before being kicked out together with others.

Shatta Wale was then called on phone to react to the things Join 77 had said and the dancehall musician lost his cool over Joint 77’s claim that, he wrote his own lyrics.

Shatta insisted that Joint 77 never wrote any song and that does not have the ability to write any lyrics, something Joint 77 disagreed, making Shatta even more angrier.

“I’ll leave you to God…the talk you talk for radio right now set you dey write song, I dey listen all.”

Things started getting intense in the studio, with both parties raising their voices, with Joint 77 trying to keep his cool but his boss was already angry and threatened to take back his car.

“F*ck you for loving me. Your mother! Why would you tell me you love me?….You see the car you dey use, I go make them come take am right now!” Wale screamed.

Shatta Wale also accused Joint 77 of not taking good care of his former house, that he left in his care but Join 77 argued that he didn’t have the money to keep the house clean.


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Don’t tell me you love me, I will let them come for the car I gave you- @ shattawalenima tears into Joint 77

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When Shatta Wale stated that, he gives him money for his upkeep, Joint 77 argued back saying, the money was not enough as he had to buy clothes with it when going for shows.

Although Joint 77 is now signed to a new record label, he says if Wale calls him back, he would go but Wale insisted that he’s done with him and wants nothing to do with him again.


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