Drama On Social Media As US Borga Abandons His Wife In US To Secretly Marry Another Woman In Ghana

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Oh how we love drama! Hell is about to break loose. Noo, it’s already breaking lose and if something is not done, the devil would escape hell.

Okay. Let’s get to the serious news of the day. There’s some new drama boiling up on Social media as a Ghanaian has been called out on Social media for abandoning his wife in the USA and marrying another lady in Ghana after telling his US wife, he is just coming home for vacation.

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From what Ghbase.com has learned, the whole drama started after the sister of the man’s wife in the USA posted in a secret Facebook women group known as ‘Tell It All” that the man had abandoned her sister to marry another woman.

In her post, which was a warning to the new lady the man has married, she revealed that her sister has a child with the man who is 1 year old and that her sister sponsored the man’s master’s degree education.

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She continued to reveal that, her sister has been married to him since 2011 and their marriage was in New Jersey and that her sister gave him a residential permit.

So in the first photo below is the unidentified man with his first wife in the USA.

The man with his first wife in the USA, who he’s been accused of abandoning her after getting green card.

Then this picture below is a screenshot of the post made by the sister of his first wife, narrating the ordeal and sending out a warning.

Well, as it stands now it’s one side of the story we’ve heard but this is Social media, soon we will get a response from the man or someone close to him who knows why he did  that,

Thank you. We’ve served you the gossip, come back to Ghbase.com for more.

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