Drawing An Eye Brow Now Just Got Simpler With The Eyebrow Stencils Card-Get Yours Now

We all love to do make up and draw those eye brows to make us extremely beautiful but sometimes, drawing it can be tiring, and when one is in a hurry to go somewhere, drawing an eyebrow should come with ease and that’s when the Eyebrow stencils card  comes in here.

Sometimes, we admire the eyebrows drawn by some girls, but then there are some of us too, who are not just good at drawing or don’t have much time on our hands to draw them.

Credit: Mercy Lumor Artistry

Well, say no more. –You can now get yourself the eyebrow stencil card at an incredibly affordable price.

Ghbase.com is giving you this opportunity to get yourself this beautiful eyebrow stencil cards that comes in three different shapes and can be used as many times as you want.

It comes at a cool price of just Ghc10. To get one delivered to you wherever you are, just call these number below:


If you are also looking at making bulk purchases too, you can get it at a lower price than the retail price. Just contact the numbers above to place an order.

To buy one or make a bulk purchase call : 0243675765 for more info

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Written By Chris Handler

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