Dumsor scare: Angry contractors threaten to pull down ECG transformers over non-payments

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The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has two weeks to pay some private contractors for executed jobs or risk having some of its transformers and other equipment at its sub-stations removed.

That’s the warning from the aggrieved private electrical contractors.

The contractors are accusing ECG of failing to pay them for services they genuinely executed dating back to the days of  Power Distribution Services (PDS) in 2019.

The contractors say all efforts to have ECG pay their monies have yielded no results.

One of the members of the group, Abeiku Amoako spoke to Citi News about their ordeal.

“In 2019, we did some jobs for PDS but because PDS is no longer in existence, ECG doesn’t want to pay us the money. The contract they say was signed under PDS, so they are not going to pay the money to us. So, we went to ECG and pleaded with them to pay us, but they directed us to the PDS office in Cantonments. So we went to meet PDS, and they are also saying they have handed over their assets and liabilities to ECG”.

According to Mr Amoako, they have no other option than to pull down the transformers if ECG fails to make payment upon the expiration of the fourteen-day ultimatum.

“ECG has to pay us now. We have given them two weeks and if they fail to pay us, will go and take down the transformers. This is what we have decided to do”, he warned.

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