“Employ a stylist and pay her like 7k monthly to take care of your outfits” – Ruthy advises Maame Serwaa

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Ghana’s very own young actress Maame Serwaa has become the talk of Ghana largely due to her bad sense of fashion.

This is because whenever she puts on apparel to a public event, she becomes a laughing stock in all the major social media platforms and the recent one is no excel to the subject matter.

It’s at the back of this that Ruthy, a social media critic, has penned down a thesis to advise Maame Serwaa to work on her costume by employing a stylist whether it will cost her like 7k monthly or less.

From the post, Ruthy blamed Silvanus Records, management of Maame Serwaa, for not delivering on the job as promised during the unveiling of the young actress of Kumawood Films fame.

Read the full post below:

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“Do I blame the management of Maame Serwaa for her wrong choice of apparel to events?

“Fact is, somewhere in March 2018, #SilvanusRecord had a 5year contract deal with the actress and highlighted on some “goals” they gonna let the actress achieve within the 5year space.

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“She will be featured in more English movies henceforth because she has been prepared to face the new challenge” ~Silvanus Record

“She gets a new car and an apartment “ ~ Silvanus Record

“She gets free scholarship for her tertiary education “ ~ Silvanus Record

“She was gonna be enrolled at National Film and Television Institute (#NAFTI) for a degree program in filming ~ Silvanus Records

Again “Bright Benson CEO of Silvanus Records promised to shoot her own movies and series and premiere in the United States 🇺🇸 and United Kingdom 🇬🇧, four years down the line, I’m yet to see or hear about some of the achievable goals the set for the actress.

Next year “#March2023” will end her 5year deal contract if there’s not gonna be any extension.

So can’t Silvanus Record take in charge of her closet? Her body size has changed due to nature and hormones” You can still look cute and prettier in correct outfits .

Why do Silvanus look “unconcerned” about their “client/act” outfit. It affects her brand negatively.

I suggest Maame Serwaa employs a good stylist and pay the person like 7k monthly to deliver. Maame Serwa is beautiful but her current outfits need immediate adjustment to compliment her hidden beauty.



Ruthy advises Maame Serwaa
Ruthy advises Maame Serwaa
Ruthy advises Maame Serwaa
Ruthy advises Maame Serwaa
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