Erin Sutton Biography, Age & Facts About Paul Stanley’s Wife

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Erin Sutton is an American entrepreneur and famously known as the wife of Paul Stanley, a popular rock musician, songwriter, and painter. How much do you know Erin? Find out by reading all the facts about her below. Let’s go.

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Erin Sutton Biography

Erin Sutton Biography, Age & Facts About Paul Stanley's Wife

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Sutton was born in 1973 in the United States of America. There is little information about her personal life. Her real work is also unknown. She is only known to be an entrepreneur.

Erin Sutton’s Marriage with Paul Stanley 

Erin Sutton Biography, Age & Facts About Paul Stanley's Wife

Paul Stanley first met Erin at a restaurant in the 1980s. They went ahead to date for some years before finally marrying on 19 November 2005. Their marriage was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, California. They are also currently blessed with 3 children namely Colin Michael (2006), Sarah Brianna (2009), and Emily Grace (2011).

Erin Sutton’s Net Worth

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Sutton’s net worth is unknown because her career is yet to be established. However, her husband Paul Stanley has a net worth of about $200 million.

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