‘All The Ladies Ernest Opoku Slept With Are Fools, Including Nayas 1’- Bishop Thunder (+Video)

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Now if you think the likes of Rev. Obofour and Bishop Obinim are very controversial, then I guess you have not met this other man of God called Bishop Thunder.

This Ghanaian pastor is the founder and head of the Jesus House Pentecostal Ministry and lately he has been making some weird and controversial statements.

From where we stand, we can’t tell if he only wants to trend or he really mean everything he says.

In an interview with Zionfelix uncut, Bishop Thunder said someone like Gospel musician, Ernest Opoku who has been accused for being promiscuous especially by his immediate ex, Nayas 1 should rather be praised for his lifestyle.

According to him, women have the tendency to seduce famous men so he finds it hard when people label Ernest as promiscuous.

He went on to say the number of women the Gospel star slept with is small and should have chopped more than that.

He said:

Ernest has done very well, he could have “chopped” more women with his level and influence so he must be praised for self-control.

Watch the video below:

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