Ever Since I Became A Date Rush Celebrity, I Stopped Picking Trotro, It’s Beneath Me Now – Hottons Of Date Rush Says

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Date Rush season 7 participant Hottons has shared how the reality show has affected his life. Aside from walking away with the woman of his dreams, Hottons says he is now viewed as a celebrity.
Hottons revealed that since his episode aired on TV, he has turned into a celebrity with its pros and cons. He disclosed that the downside of his new status included changing his usual commute. He said he could no longer take tro-tro as people placed him on a pedestal.

“In a way, it has helped me because everything has a positive and negative side. The negative aspect is that I made an appearance on TV. In Ghana, when they see you on TV, they see you as a celebrity. In my neighbourhood, it’s like I can’t really live my normal lifestyle. Now i can’t take tro-tro again. It’s either Uber or a taxi. The negative side is it comes with some kind of pressure.”
He also mentioned that people make monetary demands on social media.

“People just saw you on TV. Some people will DM you on social media to help them solve their problems (money). But we are regular people,” he said.
Hottons, an aspiring musician, hopes to leverage his newfound fame to push his music and career to success.
One funny thing is I almost gave up on music. Francis, my media guy, motivated me, and I came back. Coming in as a musician is not easy.”

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