Everything You Need To Know About Planet Dolan

Planet Dolan

Planet Dolan is a popular youtube channel owned by Danger Dolan which currently has about 5.6 million subscribers.

Planet Dolan Early Life

Planet Dolan’s owner, Danger Dolan, an Australian vlogger, was born on March 20, 1986, in Australia, under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Planet Dolan Age

Planet Dollar is 36 years old as of 2022, and he holds an Australian citizenship.

Planet Dolan Parents & Siblings

There is not much known about his parents and family but Danger Dolan has a brother named Zaraganba, who helps him to manage his YouTube channels.

Planet Dolan Education

No information about his educational background is available, but hopefully Danger Dolan starts sharing information like this with his fans.

Planet Dolan YouTube Channel

Planet Dolan is the second youtube channel created on On February 28, 2014. It has become one of the fastest YouTube channels in Australia.

Planet Dolan joined the YouTube community On November 19, 2012, where he uploaded video like DoubleDragon Guides.’ 10 Best Leveling Zones in World of Warcraft,’ ‘Top 10 Most Overhyped Video Games,’ ‘15 Greatest Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft,’ ‘Top 10 Lore Villians in World of Warcraft,’ ‘Top 10 Best NES Games Ever,’.

His main channel currently has about 5.6 million subscribers. However, he also has two different youtube channels with 1.7 million and 1.1 million subscribers respectively.

The youtube channel, “Planet Dolan” became recognized after Danger Sola uploaded his first video 20 Largest Animals of All Time’. His content caught people’s attention to subscribe to his channel for regular updates.

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Other videos that got him subscribers include 15 Strangest Holes On Earth,’ ‘20 Creepiest Places in the World,’ ‘20 Largest Animals of All Time,’ ‘15 Things You Didn’t Know About Earth,’ ‘15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth,’ ‘20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist,’ and ‘15 Real Life Human Superpowers.’

Planet Dollar’s operator changed the content of his YouTube channel, as he began uploading animated videos that have various characters.

All of these characters were portrayed by a number of his friends and colleagues, who are also YouTube personalities, including Hellbent, Melissa, Pringletheone, Ramona, then DoopieDoOVer, and GhostToast, among numerous others.

Planet Dolan Net Worth

The operator of Planet Dolan, Danger Dolan is estimated to have a net worth of $4million. His income is generated from earnings made from his vlogging career.

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