EXCLUSIVE 2015 Prophesy: Many Musicians Will Collapse on Stage – You Won’t Believe Who’s Name Is In

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It’s a new year and once again, Prophet Samuel Baffoe, Founder of Elshadai Prayer Ministry, has made some wild revelations about our musicians – stating that, many of them will collapse whilst performing on stage this year.

Speaking to GHbase.com on revelations he has had concerning our entertainment industry and celebrities for this year, he said, “the lord revealed to me that this year, a lot of musicians will collapse on stage and that will generate huge news in the country. At first when I prayed and had the revelation, I saw one lady by name…Abrewa Nana.

“Yes that musician! I saw her performing on stage and she collapsed and had to be taken off stage!” He continued that “later when I checked again, it came clear that she is not the only one but many more musicians will also collapse whilst performing on stage.”

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Asked what will be the cause and if anything can be done to counter the pending mishap, he said “it’s partly spiritual and partly physical. On the spiritual side, it will come out of unhealthy and evil competition. They will cast spells on themselves which will cause the stage collapsing – to break the other competing artist down forever.

“On the physical side, it has to do with exercise – because medical report that will come out in some of the cases will attribute the cause of the collapsing to heart attack or cardiac arrest. They should do more exercise! On what can be done to curb them, I am fasting and praying in my own way – they can also do same to forestall things. With prayers, such things can be overcome.”

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Prophet Baffoe on 12th March, 2014, came public to announce that Ghanaian celebrities, namely: Samini, Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win, Obour, Nadia Buari, Daddy Lumba, Prophet K.K. Kabobo and others will lose their lives.

In an interview with Razz Newspaper last year, he disclosed that musician Tinny too might face serious spiritual problems because the latter has been ungrateful to a spiritualist he consults to promote his music career. However, none of his prophesy came to light.

Asked if he should be taken serious with regards to his prophecies, he said: “my brother, don’t think our musicians don’t consult oo! They do! When I mentioned K.K Kabobo’s name and he heard, he quickly came to me and I helped him out – so in the same vein, the others also have their Godfathers they believe in and so might have consulted them and had things countered for them.

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“My brother, our musicians don’t sit ideal! They consult! They have spiritualists they consult because their career and lives are at stake! Musician Tinny, who does not believe in Prophet Baffoe, opined that “his assertion is a figment of his imagination.

“His mission is to deceive unsuspecting Ghanaians knowing very well our religious nature! I am calling on the hardworking Ghana Police Service to invite him for investigations to help unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of my good friend Castro.” He also said there is more – but we wait to see if this very prophecy comes to pass. Until then…MOTWUM!!




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