EXCLUSIVE: Reggie Rockstone Admits People Rapped Before He Came To Ghana But He Originated HIPLIFE

GHbase.com did a little research on who actually originated music genre Hiplife and what its true definition is – – following Reggie Rockstone’s recent claim that VVIP’s ‘Selfie’ track which is nominated as a Hiplife song in this year’s VGMA, is not a Hiplife song but a Hiphop song.



Reggie Rockstone Did Not Originate/Invent/Owes Hiplife –Panji Anoff Speaks At Last

Reggie got in touch with the GHbase.com and explained some few things on the whole argle-bargle over who originated Hiplife, who promoted it, and what its true definition is. It must be well noted that one point those who contest Reggie as the originator and owner of Hiplife is that, many artists rapped or rapped over Hiphop beats before Reggie came to Ghana.

Though Reggie does not refute that, he has also never said anywhere that he is the first Ghanaian artist to have started rap music or rapping in Ghana – – something many have misunderstood him for ages. In Reggie’s own words, he said “it’s true some people rapped before I came in but I originated Hiplife and promoted it till date. That is why each time Hiplife is mentioned, my name comes up.”



GHbase.com appreciates his inputs on the subject but once again, ask: Which School of Thought do you belong to or believe in as far as the history of Hiplife is concerned. Unfurl your thought. Until then…MOTWUM!!




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