Experiencing Pain During Intimacy Will Make Your Woman Leave You- Sex Expert

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Professional Celebrity Massage Therapist, Ransford Afari, has hinted that one thing that tends to make women hate sex sometimes, is painful sex.

Speaking in a recent interview with host, Adwen-the Love Doctor on e.TV Ghana’s In Bed With Adwen, he stated that sexual intercourse is supposed to be enjoyed by both parties, but in the case where the sex turns out to be painful for the woman, she tends to dislike the act and even ends up dumping the woman.

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The massage therapist defined painful sex as sexual intercourse where the man does not engage in enough foreplay to allow the woman’s vagina to self-lubricate and forcefully penetrates her.

Per this definition, he implied that no or low stimulation and lubrication are two major causes of painful sex for women.

“If sex is very good, any girl that enjoys that sex knows the benefits and with that, they do not complain. However, because most men go straight to inserting without any foreplay, it makes the sex very painful for the woman”. Ransford stated.

According to him, If a man keeps disturbing a woman with painful sex, definitely she will have irritations around her vaginal walls and with time, she will not allow the man to have sex with her.

He, thus advised that men, during sexual intercourse should take their time to engage in foreplay and make sure that the woman is wet enough for easy penetration and more enjoyable thrusting.

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