Fan ‘attacks’ Hajia Bintu over Val’s Day photos

Valentines Day was celebrated across the globe yesterday, February 14 and as our celebrities do it every year, most of them posted sultry photos to mark the day of love.

Among the stars who posted tempting photos is Ghanaian socialite, Haija Bintu who broke the internet with her all-red dress as she posed for the camera.

Her dress as it always does drew her curvaceous figure topped with her showing her huge backside.

As many were dying in the comment section, not everyone was happy to see her turn her back to show off her huge assets since they are tired of seeing it in almost all her photos.

It was at this point that a fan scolded her for always showing her backside which has somewhat become her signature pose as you will find it in almost every single photo she shares.

The fumed fan replied pitifully saying that’s all she got to show the world as she has nothing else and in an actual sense, the huge assets she has, tend to give her the attention she needs.

“So you cant take a picture without turning your back?” the fan quizzed.

See the post below;

hajia bintu


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