FDA threatens Shatta Wale over plan to stage demo against the ban of celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages

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The Food and Drugs Authority has sent a stern warning to Shatta Wale and his fellow celebrities who have made it a point to defy the orders of the institution to endorse alcoholic beverages all in the name of getting monies to fill their pockets.

Shatta Wale and other Ghanaian artists including Afia Schwarzenegger has for some time lambasted the FDA and other celebrities who have failed to stand against the laws by the institution not to allow any celebrity to endorse alcoholic beverages.

Shatta Wale even threatened to stage a demonstration with his SM fans over the FDA directive which he described as bogus.

The Head of Industry Support Services Department Mr Kofi Essel has retaliated that anyone who goes against the law will be dealt with.

“The fact that Nigerian celebrities are allowed to advertise alcoholic beverages doesn’t necessarily translate to the situation in Ghana. We have made a concrete observation with the influence of celebrities on minors and we’ve come up with regulations that will safeguard our situation,” he said.

He added that the FDA would remain resilient in its quest to protect the future of the Ghanaian youth especially since they have the backing of the government of Ghana to carry out such initiative.

Hence, Shatta Wale and his colleagues should desist from flouting their orders.

“There’s a law in Ghana which is the public health act of 2012, Act 251 and that act says that for the FDA to do its work, FDA has to draw guidelines and these guidelines have been developed. These guidelines say that you can not do this, you go ahead and try it. Let anyone go ahead and try it and we’ll see whether there are laws in Ghana or not.” Mr Essel dared celebrities

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