Felice Bastianich: Cause Of Death Of Joe Bastianich’s father

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Felice Bastianich was a chef whose interest in the industry was buoyed by his former wife Lidia Bastianich, who was a known face in the foodie world. Felice is the father of Joe, also a restaurateur. What is the cause of death of Joe Bastianich’s father?

In this article, we discuss who Felice Bastianich was, what he did for a living, his family and everything there is to know about him.

We shall also discuss the cause of death of Joe Bastianich’s father?

Felice Bastianich biography

Felice Bastianich
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Felice Bastianich is a Croatian chef who was very famous as the husband of the veteran Italian chef, Lidia Bastianich, from whom he learnt to make a career in the restaurant business.

Felice was born in Istarska, Croatia, on 30 November 1940.

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After having settled in Croatia, his home country for quite a while, Felice decided to go abroad and that landed him in the United States of America.

The career of Joe Bastianich’s father, Felice

Felice is said to have had some passion for cooking when he was a child. Uknown to him, that was a path to a big career.

It was not until he met his former wife who was in the foodie world that he found he could be successful cooking the best of meals for people.

He got inspired by his former wife, the Italian restaurateur, Lidia Bastianich.

Prior to him getting the enlightenment, he worked in several restaurants.

Felice Bastianich and his wife opened their first restaurant in 1971 and named it Buonavia.

Felice Bastianich Net Worth

Joe Bastianich's father
Joe Bastianich’s father

Everybody eats food, good food, and for someone to be in that business, if they are good, they would always have a lot of people patronizing them and that means a lot of money for them.

So how much did Felice earn during his career as a chef?

Well, Felice Bastianich has an estimated net worth of $2 million which he was able to make through his restaurants.

Felice Bastianich ex-wife, Lidia Bastianich

Felice met and married Lidia Bastianich whose career in the culinary industry inspired him to do something like that.

Joe Bastianich’s father, Felice, met Lidia at her 16th birthday party.

It was through the subsequent growth of their relationship and eventual marriage that Felice’s passion for restaurants began to grow side by side with his wife and business partner, which led to the couple working together and opening their first restaurant together in 1971.


Cause of death of Joe Bastianich’s father
Felice, wife and children

When Joe Bastianich’s father met Lidia, his mother, it wasn’t only restaurants that they worked together to open, they also worked together to bring forth some children and that resulted in the birth of Joe Bastianich and another child, a daughter, named Tanya.

Both of their children, Tany and Joe eventually went on to also work in the food business.

Joe Bastianich worked as a sommelier and co-owner of Eataly, and Tanya as executive producer of her mother’s TV shows, among other endeavours.

Felice Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich divorce

After being together for a little over three decades, Felice and Lidia Bastianich decided to part ways in 1997 and filed for divorce.

The divorce was rumoured to have stemmed from disagreements the couple had on whether to expand their businesses or not.

Sources say that Lidia wanted the expansion of their business but Felice did not want that to happen.

After the divorce, Felice, who was reportedly against the expansion of their business, decided to leave the family restaurants and gave his shares in the business to Joe and Tanya, his children.

Felice would go on to set up his own business and eventually passed away having lived 7 decades on earth.

Cause Of Death Of Joe Bastianich’s father

While we know Felice passed away at 70 years old on December 12, 2010, the cause of his death remains under wraps by his family and unknown to the public.


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