Female Inmates In Kenya Plead For Intimacy With Their Visiting Spouses

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Some inmates of Mtangani GK prison in Malindi, Kilifi County of Kenya have pleaded with the Government to instigate laws that allow them to have sexual intercourse with their visiting spouses.

According to these inmates, the time given to them to spend with their inmates during visiting hours is not enough for them to share that intimate bond.

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Some of the women also complained of been sexually starved for months and even years.

Speaking on behalf of other inmates, Sofia Swaleh who is serving a life sentence stated that the time allocated for their visiting spouses and relatives is too short to allow them to have intimacy.

She said;

“The Government, through the leadership of Kenyan prisons, should introduce a law that allows women serving lengthy jail terms enjoy sexual intimacy with their visiting husbands.”

Mtangani GK Prison senior administrator, Purity Nkatha Muthaura who also spoke to K24 Digital, said it would be impossible to allow the female inmates or even the male inmates enjoy conjugal rights except for a new law that allows for conjugal visits is passed by Parliament.

Somewhere in 2014, the Government ruled out the possibility of implementing conjugal rights on the grounds that they were not ready.


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