Five Funny Messages Fans Have Sent to Celebrities on Social Media

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Being a fan of any celebrity can sometimes be obnoxious. If you’ve had the chance to read all those messages crazy fans send to their favorite celebrities, you would perhaps stop sending yours.

You see the funny thing is that, mostly when you send this messages, they don’t get to read all of them, because the influx is just sooo much, so if the preview of the message is not created well, they might never open it, but some people are just too creative for the celebrities to ignore their messages, and don’t ask me how i got to see some of these messages. I used to work at TMZ and they did train me well! Yeah right! you believed that.

Now go ahead and see the funniest messages fans sent to celebrities in Ghana

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I would love to marry you and f*ck you anytime you want, anywhere and anyhow but unfortunately, you are far older than me. I am just 19 years old and you are thirty something, and you would even never look at me especially when that Damilola is killing you with 3ba and Egusi soup- a fan to chris attoh
I am your biggest fan of all time. I even wash your panties in my dreams, created a folder on my phone and laptop and download every picture of you. I use your picture as my wallpaper, screen lock paper, and everything wallpaper. —a fan to Yvonne Nelson
Hey Sark, i got you tattooed on my butt and chest! You think am not your craziest fun? Check out the pictures for your personal perusal and viewing pleasure, i love you soo much—Fan to Sarkodie
Would you grant an ailing cancer patient who is your fan his last wish on earth? Please marry me, doctors say i have only 17 days to live and i want to spend those days with the most beautiful and adorable person on earth, which is you Okoro. I sure got you to read my message huh, seee i am your biggest fan and will mess up with your emotions if you don’t regconise me as such— a fan to Yvonne Okoro

I just want to deposit $10 million dollars in your account John. I heard you are getting married next year and i want to be that woman. The money alone shows i have vision for you and I am the perfect match, the only thing is i don’t know how to cook, but look at my pictures, i am very beautiful ooo—a fan to John Dumelo


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Huh, you were not creative with that your message, or you did beat this people? Send me an email to and do comment if you had done something crazier like this before. Don’t laugh alone, share with your friends, perhaps, it’s one of them sending out these funny messages fans sent to celebrities


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