Food seller captured stirring soup with a broom as she prepares Tuo Zaafi in an unkept environment [Video]

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Many people have maintained that it is healthy to eat food cooked in the house rather than buying from the roadside without knowing the process it went through.

A food seller who had options to use the right cooking tool for her soup chose to use an unconventional tool to probably get it done with ease.

The food seller in the video going viral on the internet was captured using a broom also known as ‘pray3’ in our local language to stir the soup she was preparing in addition to the Tuo Zaafi for commercial sale.

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Tuo Zaafi is a food of northern Ghana that is dominated by the use of grains, herbs, and meat, as these are the primary food products of the region. Tuo Zaafi is similar to banku, although it is quite soft and less sticky, and is made by cooking the corn dough and adding a little cassava.

What sets Tuo Zaafi apart and makes it a popular meal across the country are the nutritious and rare herbs used in making the accompanying soup, including the dawadawa and ayoyo leaves but this woman chose to make it unpopular by devising an unhealthy way to cook her soup.

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