Footballer Dan Coleman reveals how illiteracy made Hearts of Oak management squandered his $50,000

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Ex-president of Harvard University, Derek Bok once postulated that if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. This popular quote has been the case of Dan Coleman, an ex-footballer of Accra Hearts of Oak, in his past dealings with the management of the club.

According to Dan Coleman in an exclusive interview with DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa fame, lack of education or better still illiteracy on his part made Hearts’ management squander his $50,000 transfer fee from Hearts of Oak to a Saudi Arabian club.

“The new club I was moving was a $60,000 contract, to which I signed. However, the then coach of Hearts of Oak deceitfully took the money saying the money belongs to Hearts of Oak and I was paid $8,000 a month and I ignorantly agreed because I didn’t know how it was done.” He added.

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Coleman added that, he had to quit playing for the Saudi Arabian club because he felt cheated and wasn’t making enough money as a player. Dan Coleman however revealed that, he is working hard in educating himself and using his experience to be a football coach someday.

Watch full interview below and pay much attention to 20th minute thereafter:

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