(Video) Former sakawa guru confesses to killing white client for money after visiting Benin

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A repentant sakawa don, the nation seer has confessed to killing his white client after sleeping in a coffin.

Recently, Benin has dominated the Ghanaian social media space. This is because many young people feel there are powerful men in Benin that can make one rich.

While people who are on social media may have said it as a joke, a man who has actually been to Benin has confirmed the harrowing Benin stories which have always been rumoured.

Speaking on one of GH one’s new shows, Your mind 4 dey, nation seer recounted how he went to Benin with one of his spiritual fathers. Also, while in Benin, he had to sleep in a coffin which brought shivers down his spine.

Watch the video below;


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