Former University Of Ghana Student, Nana Kwame Opoku Caught ‘Shagging’ A White Actress In This ‘Abosam Cartoons’

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This video you are about to watch is p**n but that’s not what makes it news, we all watch it everyday–Okay, some of us but what makes this news is the fact that, the black guy banging the hell out of this white girl is a Ghanaian and completed the University of Ghana in 2016. He’s known as Nana Kwame Opoku and did Business Admin in school.

His friends were shocked, their jaws dropped when they spotted him banging the sh**t out of the white girl in a pure p**n movie. Some never knew he was going to end up being a p**n actor after completing in 2016.

Nana Kwame Opoku is currently in the USA and we’ve gathered he was paid some $50,000 for this particular episode, perhaps one of the many reasons why he decided to go for such a profession–Who doesn’t want easy money? Getting paid for something you just love to do.

Nana Kwame Opoku caught our attention even more because of the size of his ‘distin’ and the various sekz positions he tried out on the girl.

Anyways, enough of the long talks, would you still want to watch the video at this point? If you are a moralist don’t bother clicking on the next page to proceed.


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We’ve decided to take the link to watch the video on the on Twitter after our chat with him as he’s explained what happened.

Nana Kwame Opoku




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