Free SHS student fights dirty with invigilator for dating his girlfriend who is also a student- Watch

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A video is fast gaining momentum online detailing the brutal fight between two men.

We have scanty information about the identity of the two combatants and why they were fighting dirty but some netizens have offered a plausible explanation.

They said the fight was between a student and an invigilator after they both realised there were dating the same woman.

The duo exchanged serious blows and looked aggressive throughout the hot encounter. Other students, instead of separating them rather filmed the vicious encounter and later shared it on social media.

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Watch the action here;

In unrelated news, a Nigerian lady has shared a photo of her and her siblings who are university graduates despite the adversities they faced in life while growing up.

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According to her, they are six kids in her family, which include one male and five females.

The young woman Husseina Abubakar, who is a twin with another sibling called Hassana, said her father worked hard to send them to school despite being broke.

She said their father borrowed to pay their fees and that they resorted to fasting on days they had no food.

She shared the emotional story saying: “One of the moments I can never forget was the period the four of us were all in the university at the same time but at different levels. Every new semester was an uphill struggle for our parents and they begin to feel the pinch. But thankfully we never stayed home for lack of school fees or anything. “Before the death of our lovely Daddy, our education (both western and Islamic) wise were his top priorities! 5 girls and a boy. We all became graduates before his death.”


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