From Grass To Grace – Lovely photos of couple melt hearts online

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From grass to grace. That is how a couple decided to caption their lovely photos that are melting hearts of many online.

The post that has garnered over 50k reactions give a very exciting account of the humble beginning of a couple who have decided to look back at their beginning and juxtapose it with their current standing.

The photos sought to convey a very silent message of love conquering all and having the potential of setting one another for success. Their photos also discredit the unpopular and so-called modern love where people see relationships as business ventures to make money and to satisfy their selfish lifestyles.

One photo shows when they used to be shabbily dressed in the past with nothing so glamorous about them and the other portrays a lovely couple who have come very far with so many successes bagged.

Some of the comments the post had are as follows:


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