Funny Face Finds Love Once Again, This Time On Social Media But Still Insist On His Requirement Of Big Backside

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Comic actor, Funny Face has once again found love after two failed marriages, and this time around he did on social media.

Funny Face within 6 years has married twice with all not ending well and leading to separation with the woman.

His recent one, he describes as the one that has really got to him, because of the children that came out of it, that is Ella and Bella.

Funny enough, one of the most necessary requirements of Funny Face when it comes to choosing women is their backside which has to be big.

Funny Face since the last 48 hours has been wild on his second wife because she run away with their children, hence making series of posts to get his point clear.

A fan who seem to be crushing on Funny Face commented under one of his post, that people who got it don’t like and people who don’t have it, want it. She added she has been wanting to just kiss Funny Face but not getting, meanwhile someone who had it has run away.

Funny Face replying to the comment asked if the lady has big backside, before he probably makes the next move.

screenshot below;

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