Galamsey is back: Disturbing photos of major rivers in Ghana turned brown

The activities of illegal small scale mining locally called “Galamsey” has started to wreck its ugly head as its devastation to water bodies and the entire environment has become obvious.

President Akufo-Addo in 2017 promised to fight Galamsey and even promised Ghanaians that he is ready to put his presidency on the line.

How did we move from promise to action to rhetorics to mere discourse?

The president’s desire and drive to protect the environment by stopping the activities of Galamsey was dead on arrival. Foreigners have taken over our forest reserves and converted them into mining kingdoms.

The government instituted a task force to fight illegal miners only for it to emerge that people within the government setup are deeply involved in Galamasey and tried and are trying very hard to stop the fight against the act.

Chinese nationals have taken over all mining towns and villagers and mined to the extent that these places just look like an archaeological reserve…revealing a pale shadow of despair. Obuasi, a notable gold mining area can be equated to a sex worker who has been severely bonked by 100 men throughout the week and given $5.

Recent photos from major rivers in Ghana which serve as sources of raw water for the Ghana Water Company Limited will certainly break your heart and tell you how the country has lost the fight against Galamsey.

These pictures tell a very sore story of how Ghana may need to start importing water in a few years since the water bodies will be destroyed beyond measure and made unfit for human consumption and industrial usage.

While Ghanaians need to take responsibility for our environment, everything rises and falls on leadership. Our political leadership needs to show the zest to fight this menace before the situation gets out of hand…if it has not gotten out of hand already.

Check Out The Photos Below:


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